Fatoora Inventory Management System Saudi

Puls Info Tech has an e-invoicing solution to help you easily generate and manage e-invoicing. From generating e-invoices instantly to storing. And keeping track of them through e-invoicing reports. We’ve taken care of every detail to bring you the most hassle-free e-invoicing experience. It lets you create sales invoices, manage expenses, track inventory, and generate reports effortlessly. Puls Info Tech e-invoicing software conforms to Saudi electronic invoices per Zakat, Tax. And Customs Authorities requirements. Since the introduction of the Fatoora inventory management system Saudia. The burden on small businesses has multiplied.

While large corporations have dedicated accounting and finance departments to handle. VAT-related paperwork in KSA, small businesses need more resources. Puls Info Tech Fatoora VAT Management System Saudi Arabia is a software solution that helps businesses manage their Value Added Tax (VAT) obligations. It automates calculating, recording, and reporting VAT. Making it easier for companies to comply with regulations and avoid penalties.

What Do You Need To Know?

The electronic invoicing process called FATOORAH applies to taxable persons. Who are resident in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as well as to customers or any third parties. Issue a tax document on behalf of a taxable person. Who is resident in the Kingdom under the VAT Implementing Regulation.

  • Issuing and storing electronic invoices, debit notes, and credit notes: the electronic invoice is generated. And stored in data-structured files. Paper, unstructured data files, PDF images. Or scanned copies of images are not considered electronic invoices.
  • Electronic invoices must be issued in Arabic (in addition to the required Arabic, other languages ​​are allowed).
  • GAZT has indicated that a two-phase approach will be applied to electronic invoices.
  • The first phase suggests that businesses should be able to generate. And store tax invoices and notes in a structured electronic format issued through an electronic solution. Which does not imply any direct interaction with the tax authority.

Benefits Of Using E Fatoora Inventory Management System Saudi

The system automatically calculates the VAT payable on each transaction based on the VAT rate applicable. To the relevant goods or services. This eliminates the need for manual calculations and reduces the risk of errors.

Customizable VAT rates:

The system allows businesses to set their own VAT rates for each product. Or service and calculate the correct VAT for each transaction.

Integration with accounting software:

Fatoora inventory management system Saudia integrates seamlessly with popular accounting software. Allowing businesses to manage their VAT obligations and other financial data.

Easy submission and submission:

The system provides a straightforward process for filing and submitting VAT returns. Making compliance easier for businesses.

Tax compliance:

The system is designed to fully comply with the requirements of tax authorities. And reduce the risk of sanctions and fines for entrepreneurs.

Increased accuracy:

Automated VAT calculation and real-time reporting reduce the risk of errors. And increase the accuracy of VAT reporting, thereby reducing the risk of penalties and fines.

Improved efficiency:

The system streamlines the VAT administration process, reducing the time and effort required to manage VAT-related duties and freeing up resources for other business tasks.

Reduced compliance risk:

Fatoora inventory management system Saudia ensures that businesses comply with tax authority requirements. Reducing the risk of penalties and fines for non-compliance.

Increased transparency:

Real-time reporting provides increased transparency of VAT obligations. And enables businesses to monitor their VAT obligations in real time and make informed decisions.

Improved cash flow:

Accurate VAT reporting and timely VAT payments can improve cash flow as businesses. Can avoid late payment penalties and interest.

Integration with other business systems:

Integration with popular Puls Info Tech accounting software enables businesses to manage their VAT obligations. Alongside other financial data, improving the accuracy and efficiency of their financial reporting.

Why Choose Fatoora Inventory Management ERP Software KSA 

  • Fatoora’s VAT management system is a valuable tool for businesses that want to manage their VAT. Obligations effectively and efficiently.
  • Its key features, including automatic VAT calculation, real-time reporting, customizable VAT rates. And easy filing and submission, provide businesses. With a comprehensive solution for managing their VAT obligations.
  • By choosing the Fatoora VAT Management System, businesses can reduce the risk of penalties. And fines, improve their cash flow, and free up resources to focus on other business tasks.

Why Is Infotech The Preferred ERP Software For Businesses?

End-to-end automation

From negotiating deals to obtaining sales orders to invoicing. Puls Info Tech  handles mundane business tasks. So you can focus on your business.

Easy collaboration

With role-based access, you can add your colleagues to your organization so they can log time. View reports or manage your accounts.

Integrated platform

As your business grows, add more Puls Info Tech  to help you manage. And operate every aspect of your business wherever you are. For more information read this blog how to calculate zakat you can join us on Quora, and Pinterest as well

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