Human resource management software systems in Saudi Arabia

Pulse Infotech HRM solution is on the way to success, offering advanced IT arrangements and administration to customers in Saudi Arabia who have a place in various industry verticals. Our human resource management software systems in Saudi Arabia leverage cutting-edge capabilities, and development measures, demonstrate strategies and utilize emerging innovation patterns. Pulse Infotech creates arrangements that enable associations to achieve more remarkable efficiency at significantly lower costs.

People are an organization’s valuable asset. Proper management of the human resource system in Saudi Arabia is essential to the success of any organization, large or small. Pulse Infotech is the Best Zatka HR Managment software KSA For Businesses in Saudi Arabia that connects every HR process from hiring to retirement. Pulse Infotech can help you digitally transform and move your event to the cloud through the right collaboration of the system, wizard, and workflow model in the ecosystem.

Pulse Infotech Gives Best Zatka HR Managment software KSA

  • A fully configurable solution
  • Employee self-service portal
  • Position-wise / Individual wise KPI
  • Standard reporting
  • People analytics
  • Self onBoarding portal
  • Performance management
  • Daily planner
  • More companies, more business units, more currencies
Best HR Management Software KSA

With Advanced KSA online HR Software For Management

Packed with powerful features and modules to streamline your HR processes and give you the insight you need to make better decisions.


● Create and manage an employee directory
● Configuration of employment contract details
● Create a hierarchy of organizational departments


● Multiple contracts for each employee
● Contract in running status, up for renewal, and expired
● Payroll creation only while the contract is in the running state


● Includes salary rules
● Calculation of data such as allowances, deductions, net, taxes, contribution register, etc.
● Configuring a set of rules by employee category
● Salary calculation after considering all allowances, deductions, and incentives

Time–Off/Leave Management

● Automatic allocation based on conditions
● The type of leave determines the classification of the leave as paid, unpaid, legal, etc.
● Approvals and approval levels.


● Recruitment analysis
● Configuration of recruitment stages, criteria, qualifications, etc.
● Includes reasons for rejection

Department clearance

● Submitting a departmental permission form

And other features

● Termination of Service
● Loans
● Employee assets
● Participation
● OT module

human resource management software systems in SA

Why do you choose us for human resource management software systems in Saudi Arabia?

Pulse Infotech is completely focused on a pleasant customer experience. For this purpose, we are introducing state-of-the-art advanced technologies. Pulse Infotech helps an organization work brilliantly, faster and plan better 24/7. A total HCM application that combines HR Software For Management In Saudi Arabia, benefits, vacation, finance, time and participation, representative self-administration as well as Talent acquisition. Pulse Infotech is a simple interface within the whole suite that helps people to use a natural application. In addition, we create an analytical view of HR and finance articles. The main goal is to deliver an HCM solution that will help all employees lead more productive and meaningful work lives in Saudi Arabia.


HRMS system requirements?

Certain hardware and software components are required for HRMS to function properly.

Can HRMS track exception reports?

Yes, the main objective of HRMS is to track and monitor the performance of HR processes.

How to report HRMS data?

HRMS data must include details such as employee profile, shift, attendance, overtime, leave, benefits, and wages paid to employees.

How can we help clients?

We render an all-in-one, customizable set of mechanisms, policies, processes, documents, and templates. An important step is to study, analyze and understand the problems in business. We formulated it with the intention of making them self-sufficient in managing the organization. We provide solutions for all business problems.

Do HR consulting firms offer complete data confidentiality?

We understand the importance and duty of confidentiality of company data. Therefore, together with our specialized HR assistance, we also extend the promise of keeping company data confidential.

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