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Pulse Infotech offer Manpower Rental Management software KSA for more information.We successfully supply workforce and labour services to various industries. Our Zatka online Manpower ERP software Saudia services always help in recruiting suitable candidates for prescribed positions in various companies. This helps save our clients time, energy, and money. before we provide the required labour or work to our customer. It will increase the overall performance of the company by having complete control over the workforce, adequate record flow, controlled costing, the least chance of errors, and organized accounting and reporting.

Features of construction management

  • It allows users to create new construction projects directly from the sales order.
  • flexibility to link sales orders with ongoing construction projects.
  • flexibility to divide projects into different tasks or subtasks depending on the requirements
  • A building construction project, for example, can be broken down into individual apartments as tasks and subtasks.
  • Defining categories of food or food served in restaurants with sale or purchase prices
  • It provides invoicing for various construction projects like buildings, flats, roads, dams, etc.


  • The module allows the user to allocate a budgeted amount for each of the construction projects and tasks.
  • The system automatically updates the actual amount depending on the actual costs and revenues incurred when completing the Construction Project and tasks.
  • The module allows the user to view the cost variance analysis associated with each construction project and tasks.
  • Created a series of budget reports to facilitate analysis of construction project performance and tasks.
  • Detailed project analysis reports showing the man and materials used and the costs and revenues associated with each of the construction projects and tasks.

Easy Project Management

  • Material and labour allocation will be streamlined.
  • Linking the task sheet with the HR module
  • A detailed look at various performance metrics
  • Material and inventory tracking
  • Man-hours used and available for each task and subtask

Outstanding Project Management

  • ¬†Gantt view of the project schedule.
  • calendar view of the project schedule
  • graphic representation of the project schedule.
  • a simple approach based on PMI.


  • Budget analysis reports
  • project analysis reports.
  • Task analysis reports
  • Cost variance reports for each project
  • cost variance report for individual tasks and many other such messages.

Online services of RP Software for Manpower Supply KSA

Work smarter, not harder, with our online services

Continual communication with guests

Don't want to answer guests' questions in the middle of the night? Let our team of experienced professionals manage communication with your guests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Payment processing and automation

Automate the collection of payments from every channel, and let the system automatically split the money between you and your owners after each stay.

Up-selling services to your guests

Allow your guests to book taxi transfers and tours while you receive the commission, all automated with the platform.


Why choose Pulse Infotech?

  • Multilingual
  • More currencies
  • Available on-premise
  • Available on the Cloud
  • Third-Party Integration
  • Remotely accessible
  • Seamless migrations
  • Local support
  • Highly scalable
  • Powerful customization


How does human power work?

Manpower companies essentially act as a third party between the employer and the employee. They help find the right talent for organizations as per their expectations. Therefore, they need to work with two companies at the same time and find the right match between them if possible.

What are the manpower requirements?

Human resources required to meet the organization’s specified workload

What are the workforce challenges?

These include a lack of sensitivity to problems, a failure to consider long-term goals, a lack of benchmarks to achieve the goal, rapid changes in technology, organization, and environment, organizational complexity, a lack of effective communication, and a failure to act.

In which Saudi Arabian cities does Pulse Infotech offer Zatka online Manpower ERP software Saudia?

Pulse Infotech provides RP Software for Manpower Supply KSA in all major cities of Saudi Arabia, including Riyadh, Jeddah, and Dammam.

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