Payroll management software KSA

Pulse Infotech delivers professional payroll management software KSA . Our payroll management process offers a customized, flexible, automated solution and E Invoice Payroll Software in Saudi Arabia for managing your online payroll software in Saudi Arabia . In addition, you will receive:

Benefits administration

Leave management

WPS consulting and guidance

Management of bonuses, overtime, and incentives

Payment processing

Our team maintains document confidentiality, ensures accuracy, and provides detailed reporting. We manage all aspects of the payroll cycle from preparing employee pay slips to payroll, superannuation, and data maintenance.Pulse Infotech is one of the leading providers of payroll outsourcing services, equipped with modernized technology and professional staff.


Developed locally in Saudi Arabia, Pulse Infotech payroll software eliminates calculation errors and saves you time by accessing your payment records anytime, anywhere.


Your payroll records are secure and easily accessible, anytime, anywhere.


Our software is all you need to have an extraordinary payroll experience in Saudi Arabia


Take full control and automatically calculate any deviations.


Track expenses and repayments within your business.


Pulse Infotech payroll software saves you time while eliminating calculation errors by accessing your salary records anytime, anywhere.


In just a few clicks, all your payroll calculations will be automated, your employees will be paid, and payslips will be sent out as easily as ever. Pulse Infotech Payroll Software is here to ensure fast and hassle-free payroll processing.


Now you can digitally track, manage and control labor costs across your business. All approved labor costs will be automatically added to employee paychecks or paid before the pay cycle.

Why is Pulse Infotech the right choice for payroll services in Saudi Arabia?

 Pulse Infotech understands how valuable your employees are and understands the importance of running a payroll in Saudi Arabia, and is therefore committed to providing you with the services you need. Our team of qualified and experienced professionals will ensure that your payroll needs are met and would surely deliver the desired results. We understand that many operations need to be overseen when it comes to running a business, which is why we strive to provide services in KSA that will ensure you get results, allowing you to focus on other aspects. businesses that require more attention. Here are some reasons why you should consider  Pulse Infotech for Payroll management services in Saudi Arabia:


Exceptional Services

We strive to provide you with the best payroll management software KSA and therefore offer:

  • Constant coordination with your company's HR department
  • Coverage of wage protection systems
  • Full end-of-service billing calculations
  • Preparation of complex accrual reports

Ensuring Confidentiality

As payroll services in SA involve dealing with important details of employees as well as company finances, we ensure that all this information is stored securely and we take great care to ensure that you have ensured your confidentiality. While ensuring your privacy is protected, we offer the following payroll support services:

  • Bank transfer letters
  • Salary transfer to overseas regions
  • Secure data management systems in Saudi Arabia
  • Management of employee salary information
  • E Invoice Payroll Software in Saudi Arabia

Timely Services

We understand the importance of time and are committed to ensuring that our services in Saudi Arabia get the job done on time. It also means you don't have to worry about things like payroll processing which also includes incentives and bonuses, as well as expense reimbursement processing.

Customizable Services

Keeping in mind that every company is different and that information may vary, we offer a payroll system in Saudi Arabia Emirates that can be tailored to your specific needs. We offer:

  • Payment of wages through different currencies
  • Custom payslips



  • Our comprehensive HR and employee benefits platform allows you to:
  • Run payroll in minutes and pay your employees faster than they can say payday.
  • Manage leave requests, allowance, history, and any overlap.
  • Enable your employees to check in from their smartphones.
  • Create achievable and trackable goals for your employees and provide them with timely feedback.
  • Enhance your employees’ experience with our innovative benefits and health insurance solutions right from our website.

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