Zatca Procurement management software Saudi Arabia

Pulse Infotech provides the best service procurement management software in Saudi Arabia. Procurement software that supports your entire process from start to finish, from source to payment, all in one solution. Whether you manufacture products, deliver services, maintain assets, or run complex projects, our procurement management software in Saudi Arabia aligns with your business processes. Help you get the materials, products, and services your organization needs.

Identify and Realize Tangible Cost Savings

Streamline your business with a solution that can help analyze invoices and expenses and bring savings back to the business.

Reduce Risk and Improve Profitability

Easily communicate important or regulatory requirements in advance, and evaluate and select the right suppliers based on your key criteria and metrics such as capacity, quality, and price.

Increase Efficiency and Increase Compliance

A single, easy-to-use platform with real-time information helps streamline purchasing processes and enables greater efficiency. And greater employee adoption leads to better compliance, which helps reduce individual spending.

Closer Supplier Relationships

Strengthen relationships and manage performance with vendor qualification, integration, maintenance, and phase-out tools with the help of Sales Management System Saudi Arabia. And enable suppliers to self-serve, reducing administrative overhead while improving data quality as any updates are made directly.

Procurement contract management software KSA:

Purchase Requirements

Manage your purchase requests and get instant status updates whenever there are changes and product catalogs when you start shopping.

Shopping Order

Submit orders and generate orders, and specify what the product requires in the exact quantity. The request is sent to the supplier through Procurement and sales Software KSA.

Purchase Invoices

Simplify your process by automatically transferring payments for PO invoices sent to suppliers through the supplier portal.

Vendor Procurement Software and Solutions KSA

Sellers need to quickly verify and register by accessing seller information through multilingual catalogs. Score their suppliers using KPIs.

Workflow Management

Access to invoice processing from receipt to payment. Automated software allows invoices to be matched and forwarded for payment processing.


Integration with any zatca procurement management software Saudi Arabia provides a better overview of spending in the organization and control of the purchase throughout the purchase cycle.

The benefits of our Procurement Software and Solutions KSA:

  • Enterprise Workflow Foundation – Define your approval process
  • Seamless integration with existing ERP systems
  • On-Cloud / On-Demand / SAAS subscription model available with maximum security measures
  • Highly configurable and fastest GO Live
  • Avoid invoice delays and duplicate payments
  • Help your suppliers with self-service
  • Reduce the risks of your purchase
  • Improves customer service and communication
  • We provides suggestions for any type of spending
  • We allows suppliers to control their operating costs
  • The user interface supports user acceptance
  • We offers real-time data for all processed transactions
  • Customized approval management workflows

Why Pulse Infotech?

  • Multilingual
  • More currencies
  • Available on-premise
  • Available on the Cloud
  • Third-Party Integration
  • Remotely accessible
  • Seamless migrations
  • Local support
  • Highly scalable
  • Powerful customization


How Are We Different?

Pulse Infotech is proud to be the leading independent software consultancy in Saudi Arabia and the only organization with the local and international resources and working relationships required to negotiate directly with major IT publishers. And we provide the best procurement management software in Saudi Arabia.

What Is Saudi sales and procurement software And What Are Its Benefits?

Saudi Procurement and sale software is the process of requesting, ordering, and buying goods and services online. E-procurement is short for electronic procurement. Procurement Management Process KSA solutions connect buyers and suppliers and open lines of communication between them, facilitating interactions such as quotes, purchase orders, and emails.

The benefits of e-procurement deliver cost savings by increasing your ability to:

  • Get products or services at the best possible price and at the best possible time
  • Exercise more flexibility and control over every aspect of the buying process
  • Reduce individual expenses by having more expenses under management

What Is Indirect Procurement?

Indirect procurement is the procurement of goods and services that a business uses to operate. These goods and services are consumed by internal business partners rather than external customers.

What Is Direct Procurement?

Direct procurement is the process of requisitioning, ordering and purchasing goods, raw materials needed to manufacture the products that the company sells to its customers.

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